Posted by: Just Systems Malvern | August 18, 2011

5 Handy Firefox Add-Ons

Firefox has been an excellent alternative to IE for many years now. There have been plenty of free add-ons published to enhance the features of Firefox. Here are 5 useful examples:

camel camel

The Camelizer

  1. Ad Block Plus – as the name suggests this add-on reduces the number of annoying ads displayed as youbrowse the web. You can switch it on and off easily or allow/disallow ads for certain pages.
  2. The Camelizer – most of us will have used the online retailer Amazon at some stage duringour internet activities. This add-on will show you the price history of any product you are looking at on Amazon thus giving you an idea whether or not you are about to pay over the odds or get a bargain!
  3. DownloadHelper –  This add-on allows you to save a copy of any video or music you are watching/listening to on a web page to your hard drive so you can view it later.
  4. Web Developer – This one is really for the professional or hobbyist web designer. It gives you loads of information about the web page you are viewing, such as style sheets, layouts, fonts, images etc and also allows to to turn on and off selected elements.
  5. FastestFox – Will speed up repetitive tasks, parallel downloads, auto-load pages etc for a faster browsing experience.


  1. Tried to find VideoTap under each name – no results found.

    • Hi Malcolm,
      Yes, that one was no longer available, so I have changed it now to DownloadHelper. Thanks

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