Posted by: Just Systems Malvern | July 21, 2011

Domain Name Scams

A sneaky scam that crops up now and then is one where a company contacts you claiming that they are a domain name registration company who have just received an application from another company to register a domain name similar to one of yours. Usually these emails will come from China or Hong Kong.

Here is a typical example:

Dear Principal,

Super day for you!

We get your email address from the Internet . It is glad to write to you with keen hope to open a business relationship with you in the future.

We are professional IT outsourcing service company in HongKong.On the Mar. 26, 2011, we received an application formally from our client. They want to apply the domain name and internet brand name “your-company-name” for registration from us.

After our initial examination, we found that the brand name and domain names applied for registration are as same as your company’s name and trademark. These days we are dealing with it. We need to know the comment of your company because the domain names and Internet brand name may relate to the copyright of brand name on internet. Now we have not finished the registration of them yet, in order to deal with this issue better, Please contact us by telephone or email as soon as possible.

If you want to need professional IT outsourcing service, please kindly visit our website:

Have a nice working day !

Best regards,


Domain Name Manager

Now the idea here is to scare you into buying an expensive and unnecessary domain name.

You can rest assured that no-one is actually trying to register the domain names, as if they had wanted to, they would already have registered them.

If you receive an email like this then just delete it.


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