Posted by: Just Systems Malvern | July 19, 2011

Malware, Viruses and Scareware

We have noticed lately an increase in the numbers of PCs seen in the local area infected with viruses and malware.

If you do notice strange behaviour when using your PC, such as:

  • Web pages diverting to the wrong site
  • Links going to unexpected pages
  • Unusual pop-ups when browsing
  • Programs not opening correctly
  • PC unusually slow
  • Windows features greyed out or not responding
  • Unexpected shut-downs

then you must act immediately and check your system for viruses. Chances are your anti-virus software will not be able to catch all the viruses and malware that are around – especially if it is not kept up to date. So don’t think things will fix themselves – it will usually just get worse!

If you act promptly you can often get rid of the viruses/malware/spyware by downloading and running free utilities such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

However many viruses will disable your capability to run such utilities. If unable to remove the infections then call us on 01684 585320 and we can arrange for you to bring your PC in to us where we can remove infections for a fixed fee.

One common and particularly nasty type of infection is known as “scareware”. This type of infection tries to make itself look like an official Microsoft security warning and goes by names such as:

  • XP Security 2011
  • Vista Security 2011
  • Win 7 Security 2011

Screenshot from Scareware

These are fake anti-virus programs that claim that your PC is infected with dozens of viruses and you need to follow their instructions to remove them. Of course their instructions end up leading to a page where you enter your credit card details in exchange for virus removal. Obviously DO NOT DO THIS!

Unfortunately this type of infection is particularly nasty because it will make changes to your operating system so that no matter what program you try and start, it will start a copy of the fake anti-virus program instead, leaving you stuck.

Again, we will be able to help you remove such infections if you are unfortunate enough to pick one up (which is easy to do as your PC can get infected just by visiting the wrong web site.)


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